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We are a skilled and dedicated exclusively to the elegant woman of today, our knowledge about the design, development, implementation of our products, we can offer a complete service for your business. It is not enough just to have the products, sell them, then they are no longer with us! That does not work with us. The best step is to make the product they are buying and you like, our sales agents and customer service are highly skilled in all the branches to provide the best service, and what becomes a success, since we sell professional to a basic garment wholesale power just to measure the cost more affordable for customers across the United States in all sectors.

We are the wholesale and retail company that has led to other lengeries to success, and our retail customers satisfaction, for our models and select the highest quality, by the way we look ahead, always one step forward to the competition, innovating our systems becoming more and continuous improvement in all ,our significant customers.because we understand you..
We are a company established since 2003 in Los Angeles California, we offer above.
                                                           We are a professional team
experience and professionalism in the sales department in regard to intimate apparel. We are dedicated to offer you the best and is completely satisfied with the product or service you are providing.

Our treatment is different. You will notice the difference from any other service provider. We seek the relationship with each of our clients is friendly and the communication is ongoing. Do not let us collect and deliver directly to your product and you! Each of our customers is very valuable to us, so we are looking for their confidence and their success in pursuing the class for fidelizarlo. 

Distinguished wholesale and we are seeking to succeed, so we may succeed.

Our sales agents and customer services love their work, love what they sell and are updated daily in terms of technology, are unique and dedicated to the sector to which you seek.

We have trained sales staff not only at work but also in the proper treatment, offers training and attention to our customers without compromise and with no cost to an individual consultation via phone or online through a chat line.

Protected by and enforce what we say in words, so when you buy any of our products are carried out what you are asking to ensure timely delivery and professional service completely.
Why our costs are very accessible?, because we are a company specializing only in sales of lingerie, we are against those who say they are the best, and that they have the best prices just to get orders, and when they do send their orders they just send what they want. We work with everyone as much as possible to bring good services and help out as much as possible.

If you wish to place a wholesale order the minimum purchase is of $299.00. In this order you may mix any style and size of all the products we offer with no exceptions.

Wholesale / wholesale click here: www.palaceunderwear.com 
We open the doors of our office Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:00 pm to receive (by appointment).

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